• Aleks Ivanisevic

    Aleks Ivanisevic

    sysadmin and linux geek

  • Matija Stepic

    Matija Stepic

  • eleven


    Eleven is a EUR 12 million acceleration & seed fund operating from Southeast Europe.

  • Mihael Sanko

    Mihael Sanko

    Dublin, Ireland based banker with strong interest in publishing, social media and digital revolution.

  • Antonios Fiorakis

    Antonios Fiorakis

    Tech entrepreneur, Fortune 40 under 40

  • Çelik Nimani

    Çelik Nimani

    Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Frakton, a Software Development Company specialized in building custom Web and Mobile apps and solutions.

  • Vice Božić

    Vice Božić

  • Bojan Dević

    Bojan Dević

    Web developer during the day and Android developer during the night. GNU/Linux user since 2005.

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